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Stelogix Technologies successfully executed a comprehensive project, showcasing their expertise in delivering innovative solutions. Their seamless integration of technology and strategic approach resulted in a highly successful and impactful outcome.

beautiful family smiles dentistry
Beautiful Family Smiles Dentistry, an American dental specialist website, is a stunning online platform crafted with precision using WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Google Analytics, and SEO optimization. Experience the epitome of dental care excellence through a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design on this bespoke digital space.
Stitch & Co. Company website

We buildthe Stitch & Co. fabric company website for our Spanish client, seamlessly blending English and Spanish languages. Built on React.js and Bootstrap, our design incorporates Google Analytics and performance-enhancing plugins. The integration of social media accounts ensures a perfect online presence for an optimal user experience.

KKA Cleaning Company

We crafted the KKA Cleaning Services website for our UAE client, leveraging WordPress, HTML, CSS, and JA Bootstrap. We enhanced performance through Google Analytics integration and optimized content using Yoast plugins. Seamless social media account integration completes the perfect online presence for superior user engagement.

Ticket Management Service

Our MERN stack Ticketing Management System streamlines ticket processes and enhances customer support. Admins efficiently manage users, agents, and ticket assignments. Agents benefit from a dedicated interface for streamlined query resolution. User onboarding is seamless, allowing easy ticket creation. Security features include JWT token authentication and Bcrypt for password encryption. The MERN stack ensures scalability and a smooth development experience with MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js.

House construction company

We created the NileBSL website for our UK client, specializing in premium house construction services. Leveraging WordPress, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Bootstrap, we ensured optimal performance. Integrated Google Analytics and utilized Yoast plugins for enhanced SEO. Seamless social media integration completes the perfect online presence for our client.

Quran Academy Website

Nurjan Quran Academy, a global online Quran institution, leverages ReactJS, Bootstrap, and EmailJS to optimize its performance. Offering comprehensive Islamic teachings worldwide, the academy utilizes cutting-edge technologies for an enhanced online learning experience.

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